MORPHEUS AND ME: The Complete Book of Sleep by Phyllis Rosenteur

MORPHEUS AND ME: The Complete Book of Sleep

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An ""offbeat authority"" on some of the ""non-academic aspects of sleep"" turns up some disturbing statistics (80 million Americans have trouble), tosses out some pampered fancies (the eight hour night), and explores many of the phenomena and parapherniala of sleeping, or staying awake. From the scientific knowns to the popular notions, from beds to bedding to the influences of temperatures, color schemes, scents, from snoring to sleepwalking, from mechanical gadgets to pills (a dangerous habit), from dreams to hypnosis to hypersomnia, this finally makes a few suggestions of what to do- or not to do- when wakeful.... An energetic survey of a virtually untouched subject, there is a great deal of entertaining material if the approach is sometimes exhaustingly colloquial. The high- today even higher- incidence of insomnia suggests a most alert audience.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1957
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls