AN AFFAIR OF THE FLESH by Phyllis Rosenteur


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A skittish, scattered, energized account of a ten year odyssey of self-denial, which records a constant caloric concern and the determined attempt to slenderize a body blimp. From her experiences with organizations which literally live off the fat of the land, salons and reducing ranches and schools for symmetry, to garments- and undergarments- and the too firm a foundation, she cruises right through the pharmacopia of glands and hormones, thyroid and benzedrine, food fads and vitamins, down to calisthenics and even on to an analyst's couch. And on the way, there is some personal history of the men who loved her- all of her- through thick and thin, concluding with the final tally that in the ten years of her wrangle with her weight, she had spent $7012.15, and lost a pound... There's an ad girl's glib gab here to brighten up this consumer's research, and to make this a reduction ad absurdum for lightweight heavyweights.

Pub Date: Feb. 21st, 1952
Publisher: Doubleday