SO LAUGH A LITTLE by Picon, Molly


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The famous Yiddish actress, who for half a century has been playing vaudeville circuits around the world, starring in the Yiddish Theatre in New York and currently winning all hearts in her first Broadway role in Milk and Honey, has written a sort of I Remember Grandma. Her Grandmother must have been quite a person. She came to Philadelphia from Russia and had a finger in raising Molly. From the time Molly was five she was fascinated by the theatre -- and Grandmother put all sorts of hurdles in her way. She did constructive things for the family, too, helped them to better homes, to more food, to guard them in their opening lives. She even moved to New York to keep on eye on Molly after her marriage to her manager. The family encouraged her to believe she did a good deal of managing of their affairs, and her interest in Molly's success never lagged, even when she passed the eighty mark. Her fineness, her humor, her philosophy comes through and there's also a good deal of Molly in the blend. An inside picture of Jewish family life but rather special in appeal.

Publisher: Messner