NOT THE GLORY by Pierre Boulle


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The double life of William Conrad provides an ironic fable of minor proportions, traces the wartime career of William Conrad, a German agent who, professing to be a Polish refugee, comes to England where he soon reaches high places. As the protege of Lady Goodfellow, he enjoys the fashionalbe austerity of her weekly dinner parties and an acquaintance with people of influence; As a writer and commentator, he becomes a favorite of the Propaganda Ministry and is soon infatuated with his own words, to the point where the ""character he had assumed becomes engulfed by the emission in hand"". So it is, that while X. suspects him and keeps an assiduous check on his correspondence, Conrad forgets his dedication to the Vaterland, attacks two anti-British critics publicly, saves the life of a child in an air raid, and with the death of his only English friend- in combat, enlists to die in action himself.... Pierrre Boulle, who also wrote The Bridge on the River Kwai (1954 -- Vanguard) again takes a rather insignificant, inglorious incident of the war, brings to it a talent which is exact, cool and clever.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1955
Publisher: Vanguard