BENES: Statesman of Central Europe by Pierre Crabites

BENES: Statesman of Central Europe

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Thoroughly competent and readable biography of Benes, the statesman. From the angle of Benes, the man, the biography leaves a good deal to be desired, but the biographer acknowledges that as a man he lacked that intangible something that makes for ""personality"" and ""magnetism"". A brief background of history --a briefer yet outline of Benes' own personal background -- and the bulk of the book deals with the shifting political scene of Central Europe, before, during and after the war, of Benes' amazing contribution to European diplomacy, of his part in the developments of the last twenty years, of his extraordinary qualities of statemanship. His attitude to Italy and Mussolini, to Germany and Hitler, to the instability of Austria and Hungary; his skilful manipulation of the relations of the Little Entente, all justify Crabites in his stand that Benes is ""The"" statesman of Central Europe today -- as he has been during the years of his power.

Pub Date: Jan. 6th, 1935
Publisher: Coward, McCann