LÉONIE by Pierre-Jean Launay
Kirkus Star


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Prix Renaudot, and a very bare but moving story of a simple peasant family, set in Normandle. There is Jules, the farmer- husband, who at forty is caught by an elemental infatuation for a tart from a nearby town. There is his son, whom Leonie destined for the church and whose vocation is threatened, partially by the father's conduct, partially by the boy's greater love for music as he matures. And finally, Loonie, unworldly, misguided, attempting to win back her husband in a rather poignant scene of self-debasement, finally turning to the church and giving her life in return for her husband's release from his purely physical obsession. An ironic close, when all are dragged down and foiled by the cross- currents of misdirected love and religious faith. A certain stark simplicity and depth of feeling lend magnitude to a slightly reminiscent theme.

Publisher: Ã‰ditions Denoël