MODIGLIANI by Pierre Sichel


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Sichel, who likes flamboyant subjects (The Jersey Lily), has massively assembled the thirty-five years of Modigliani's short life. It's a tormented hard-luck story, plagued by tuberculosis and bad health. He also had a turbulent love-life, little of which shows through the quiet composition and serene colors of his paintings. He became both a hashish addict and an alcoholic, and while his biographer presents him as more often painting in his cups than not, he also comments that ""there was never a botched Modigliani."" He was in his time ""the Prince of the Bohemians"" in Montparnasse, and Sichel has certainly not attempted to subdue the sensationalism of his subject. He also has told the story with a thousand perhapses, mights, seems and apparentlies, and repeats himself too often. The book makes up in length for what it lacks in depth--this is popularized biography for the Longstreet audience.

Publisher: Dutton