TOWARD THE FUTURE by Pierre Teilhard De Chardin


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This, the eleventh volume of Teilhard's collected works, is a mixed bag of thirteen pieces, some quite lengthy and significant, others brief and of lesser import. All cluster loosely about the general theme of the direction of our collective future, especially as it calls for mating earth's aspirations with Christianity's ideals. Included is a 1948 essay in which Teilhard abstracts his complete ""fundamental vision."" Over all, these often bold essays again reveal the wide-ranging thought of a remarkable man of inexhaustible energy and rare vision. In any age, as Jung said, there are few modern men who live on the cutting edge of their civilization, pointing the way toward the future rather than living out of the resources of the past; Teilhard was clearly such a man. He emerges here as a prophet in the genuine sense, not simply anticipating by decades modes of thought and sensibility that were to become commonplace but, more fundamentally, passionately seeking to discern what was really happening in the universe of his time. Though hardly indispensable, these essays -- dating from 1929 to 1954 -- are full of Teilhard's infectiously optimistic energy and communicate a sense of grandeur, daring, and love of live.

Pub Date: Feb. 27th, 1975
Publisher: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich