LETTERS FROM A TRAVELER by Pierre Teilhard De Chardin


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Where does a man reveal himself more fully than in his personal letters to close friends? One of the great minds of our times, that of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, (Phenomenon of Man, Divine Milieu) is here seen in intimate closeup over a span of years in which much of his great work was being done. His complete charity and deep spirituality -- developed despite adverse decisions by his superiors and slights of different sorts -- permeates all he describes in these letters..... to his old friends, his brother, or his cousin who is the key compiler of this volume, and contributed a foreword discussing Letters From a Trausler under her pen-name, Claude Aragonees. Of special interest are the introduction by Sir Julian Euxley spelling out his evaluation of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin as a remarkable man; and an evaluation of ""the man"" by a fellow member of Chardin's Order, Pierre Leroy, S.J. The letters themselves offer a keen insight into this brilliant mind and reveal a quality of this great paleontologist which knows how to bridge the physical of the past with the spiritual of all times. They also pinpoint a talent for fine-line writing in the spirit of an etching as the author gives his correspondents the benefit of his impressions of China, Burma, Africa and America. As one reads through these letters, one cannot help but feel that here is a rare opportunity to share what was intended for the favored few who knew this man whose influence and impact on the world will not be assessed fully for generations to come. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin must have been an exciting and personable man. It is a privilege to meet through this book the personality of a scientist and religious thinker who wanted to help men of his times to rediscover the idea of Creation -- the work of God -- in the evolving universe presented to men by modern science.

Pub Date: July 4th, 1962
ISBN: 0548387133
Publisher: Harper