DAYS OF OUR YEARS by Pierre Van Paassen
Kirkus Star


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I found this perhaps, the most stimulating and challenging roving journalist's story since Vincent Sheean's. Not as easy reading, not as adventurous as some, but cutting deeper into the facts behind what he saw and felt and reported. A commentary on the world today, and what brought it about. Dutch, trained in a hard Calvinist school and destined for the ministry, journalism was more or less an accident, and a fortunate one for those who have followed him. His work -- and interests -- took him far from beaten tracks. He has had opportunities -- and made the most of them -- in interviewing the men who have moved the chessmen of Europe's board. His is not a conventional reporting. He veers sharply from accepted positions, and in this book, reveals some pretty sensational things. Controversial, undoubtedly -- the explanation of the women and children of the Alcazar will cause fur to fly; the inside picture of actual conditions in Ethiopia; the revelations from Italy, Germany, France, England show plenty of clay-footed idols. Read for yourselves. And be sure, the book will sell.

Pub Date: Jan. 30th, 1939
Publisher: Hillman Curl