OPERATION VALKYRIE: The German Generals' Plot Against Hitler by Pierre with Eugene Silianoff Galante

OPERATION VALKYRIE: The German Generals' Plot Against Hitler

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A reprise of the military conspiracy against Hitler that culminated in the July 20, 1944 assassination attempt--pegged, now, on information from General Adolf Hensinger, Chief of Operations at German Army Headquarters at the fateful time. The new material, however, does not appreciably alter what has long been known about the plot. Galante and Silianoff begin with the actual events of July 20, then flash back to Hitler's rise and the development of military resistance to him in the 1930s--when attempts were made to stiffen Western resistance so that the army could depose him. As the pieces of the plot come together, we learn about each of the principals--von Stauffenberg, Goerdler, von Witzleben--and such trimmers and opportunists as Rommel and Kluge. Finally, the events of July 20 are recounted in full--with notes on the fate of virtually all the conspirators. The focus is almost entirely on the military aspects of the conspiracy, to the neglect of the civilian activists. And little is said, either, about the plotters' intentions had they succeeded--about the composition, specifically, of their proposed post-Hitler ""peace"" government. As an account of the plotters' conduct--complete to word-for-word conversations--this may be of interest to last-days-of-Hitler addicts. Others will find more general treatments better balanced and no less illuminating.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1981
ISBN: 0815411790
Publisher: Harper & Row