THE WUGGIE NORPLE STORY by Pinkwater Daniel M.


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A slaphappy shaggy cat story, part family argument and part silly names, which begins when a whistle fixer named Lunchbox Louie brings home a cat that his son King Waffle names Wuggie Norple. But Wuggie Norple seems to be growing at an amazing rate. The pictures, which cast the family as dippy hippies, confirms Louie's perception; but Louie's wife Bigfoot the Chipmunk denies it. And so, night by night, Louie brings home a bulldog named Freckle-face Chilibean, a six-year-old razorback hog named Papercup Mixmaster, a young horse named Exploding Poptart, and an Indian elephant named Laughing Gas Alligator--all to convince his wife and son that Wuggie Norple is indeed as big as a bulldog, a six-year-old razorback, and so on. ""Nonsense,"" ""nowhere near as big,""--""Not at all,"" are some of Bigfoot the Chipmunk's responses--until the elephant shows up and both she and King Waffle concede that Wuggie Norple and Laughing Gas Alligator are the same size. ""Well, finally!"" says Lunchbox Louie. Pure foolishness, which might grow on you. . . or not, depending on how you feel about a picture-book put-on.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1980
Publisher: Four Winds