ALTRUISTIC LOVE by Pitirim Sorokin


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A statistico-sociological study of American ""good neighbors"" and Christian saints, which is a preliminary to forthcoming studies by the Harvard Research Center in Altruistic Creativity and Integration. This is a worthwhile attempt at a positive view of our civilization and its needs through those individuals of above average (the neighbors) or genius (the saints) capabilities for love, ethical creativity and social living.. In contrast to the impressive but depressing amount of negative research in the subsocial- the criminal, the abnormal- this book lays the groundwork for an attempt at the scientific assessment of the general characteristics of the altruistic person, the how and why of love. Through the usual research techniques of questionnaires, etc., better than a thousand ""good neighbors"" candidates were screened and a similar process applied to the known Christian saints, giving tables on family backgrounds, education, economic and social origin, religious affiliations and outside interests. Interesting and heartening reading for use in guiding us toward the development of similar individuals- inevitably, the market will be limited.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1950
ISBN: 1162920505
Publisher: Beacon