THAT DAY ALONE by Plerr Van Paassen


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In the strength of Days of Years this new book by a famous journalist though by birth, by is sure of a wide market. The first quarter of the book lives up to ones hopes. It is a graphic, dramatic picture of France on the verge of war, done by mean of the author's on conversations, at the Fistros, is, in the , in the parks and conveying the essential spirit and sound of these his readers. Through these casuals of Paris and its suburbs, you get the sense of of fears and doubts, of open rebellion against a government. The in the hotel which serves is censorship headquarters for journalist's and is the one scene in which Van Pa plays an active and characters and incidents and moods reflecting a wrecked and looking backwards, to childhood days in Holland, colored by the philosophy and spirit of the writer, though not his best work.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1941
ISBN: 1164514709
Publisher: Dial