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This is a distinctly different sort of book about retirement, although the title might seem to suggest that it is just another amorphous study of the philosophy. Actually, it is exceedingly practical- the one book on the subject that covers, with considerable detail, almost every approach to the subject that occurs to me:- planned retirement, enforced retirement, partial retirement, retirement with pension, saving towards retirement, social security (the tables on this and income tax problems will be up to the minute), living with children, with groups, consideration of where to live, retirement projects- whether for income or occupation, the place of the retired in the community, and so on. Dr. Moore was working on this material under a foundation -- while still on the staff of Oregon State; after his death, Dr. Streib of Cornell, who is outstanding in the field, revised the material, bringing it up to date and incorporating research and interview findings. It is the book- so far as I know- that comes nearest to providing all the answers for those who are foresighted enough to plan far ahead, for those approaching the period of retirement, and for those confronted with the fact- and needing desperately some reorientation. Useful for library reference shelves- for company personnel departments, for tax specialist and insurance (this is perhaps the weakest part of the book).

Pub Date: May 12th, 1959
Publisher: Macmillan