THREE: 1964 by Porhoryles; Widmer & Robinson

THREE: 1964

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In Robert H. Robinson's Going the Other Way, Bro., a bright, post-Salinger to-year-old upsets conventions in several funny, poignant, unlikely adventures. Eleanor Widmer's fierce absorbing portrait, Mister Jack, describes a tailor in the 80's, dandy, raconteur and eccentric domestic tyrant, with a merciless bitter joy and humor. Porhoryles' The Coming of Monsieur Alazay jumps ahead into the imagined old age of a retired French administrator, who, thinking logically about death and God, concludes he is Christ. In his frantic efforts to be believed, he does become a kind of holy man. The three novellas are well-written and between them cover many ages of human experience.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1964
Publisher: Random House