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The importance of defining the scope of this book cannot be overemphasized. It is specifically a book dealing with the application of the modern scientific discoveries to the principles of gardening,- soil improvement, war on disease, on pests, on weeds, seed treatment, booster growth, and so on. It is not a book that tells the neophyte, or even the average amateur gardener, the ABC's of gardening. There is nothing about planning a garden, selecting of plants for the garden, color, seasonal bloom, annuals, parennials, etc. etc. except as incidental to their enemies, their growth, their handling. But in its specific field, it is a MUST for every advanced amateur, aspiring scientific gardener, professional. Alone in the extent to which charts name particular brand names, manufacturers and son on, this is virtually a handbook of constant reference. It approaches the subject from the scientific angle; then proceeds to application of the remedy to the specific. The index- we are told- will be extensive, specific, and carefully cross-indexed, so that questions can be answered readily through cross reference. The author is the Plant Pathologist at the New York Botanical Garden. His earlier book, Countenance of Shade and rnamental Is a standard text. And up to 1947 he was a professor at Cornell and at Rutgers. Sell to the Cynthia Westcott ""graduate"".

Pub Date: April 1st, 1952
Publisher: Simon & Schuster