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Take No Thought by Preston R. Winfrey

Take No Thought

God's Reply to our Borrowed Anxiety

by Preston R. Winfrey

Pub Date: July 8th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4759-9540-4
Publisher: iUniverse

This Christian self-help guide by a knowledgeable pastor aims to inspire readers to adjust their lifestyles by having faith in God’s plan. 

In his debut, Winfrey applies the Bible’s teachings to real-life scenarios to give readers practical recommendations for removing debilitating anxiety from their lives. The narrative centers on Jesus’ statement to his followers in the Book of Matthew to “take no thought”—or, as the author puts it, to not “get bent out of shape worrying”—about things that one can’t control. Winfrey draws lessons from his own experiences, such as when he was a disobedient child and tried to justify his actions. He notes that people tend to find ways to ignore the truth and do things that they know are wrong, as it perpetuates their idea of living a comfortable lifestyle. The author also shares stories of encounters he had with greedy people within the church who manipulated the Bible to get money and power. A particularly intriguing chapter details his experience with pastors selling “survival packs” to churchgoers in preparation for supposed Y2K-related disasters: “As I looked at this deception and misrepresentation of truth, my heart was saddened. I saw people being robbed without a gun while the leaders of this deception saw money and more money.” Winfrey’s wit, caring, and taste for humor come through in extended analogies, driving home his points while making them relatable and easy to understand. For example, the book’s second part begins by comparing people parking their cars as closely as possible to their destinations with too-comfortable Christians not wanting to leave the earth when they die. Overall, the book is full of enthusiastic slice-of-life moments, expressed in a refreshingly personable voice. It will surely resonate most with a Christian audience, but its central lesson about living a life full of graciousness and trusting in faith may be widely appreciated.

A motivating read for those seeking to use the Bible’s teachings to live a more satisfying, anxiety-free life.