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FUTURE YOUTH: How To Reverse the Aging Process

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Actually, how to minimize the secondary effects of aging: reasonable advice on healthier approaches to diet, exercise, stress, and common health problems, in a workable format. The editor's of Prevention Magazine have regularly produced health guides that are less flamboyant, more reasonable, and more mainstream than their journal, and this is no exception: chatty, well-organized instruction on developing a healthier lifestyle in later years. Part one, ""Feeling Better,"" explains the rationale behind a positive attack on the myriad concerns of aging, from accidents, arthritis, and kidney stones to safe use of medications and the prevention and care of varicose veins. This is all simple and clear, with plenty of self-assessment tests and summaries along the way for emphasis: on headaches, for instance, ""You can learn to handle headaches by identifying foods that can cause them. Or perhaps your problem is eyestrain or emotional stress. . .you can stop a common headache by learning how to apply pressure on two main points on the head and two secondary points on the hand."" Part two, ""Looking Better,"" covets beauty and grooming concerns, including how to organize a wardrobe, and tips for a more youthful appearance (as hair turns gray, for instance, it may be best to change predominant wardrobe colors). And finally, in Part three, ""A Year of Rejuvenation"" sets out a week by week plan to bring all these changes about, so that the whole project never overwhelms. Each week focuses on a single goal, such as stress reduction, as well as giving detailed instructions on the total plan. The folksy, familiar Prevention touch, then, offering up a solid plan for feeling better as we grow older.

Pub Date: Sept. 11th, 1987
Publisher: Rodale