LOST SPLENDOR by Prince Felix Youssoupoff


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The memoirs of a Russian nobleman cover his life up to his exile from his homeland, constitute a memorial to an extravagant and luxurious background under the Czarist regime, and develop the motives for his murder of Rasputin. There is a sickly, indulged and prankish childhood with much traveling about the family estates and abroad; there are adventures into spiritualism and theosophy and his brother's death in a duel, the influence of the Grand Duchess Elisabeth and the gay and frivolous years in Oxford; the difficulties of his engagement to Irina and their eventual marriage; the growing threat of Rasputin's influence and an equally growing determination to have him done away with- and the deed itself with its many, unexpected results. And with the revolution there is the ever-tragic story of the royal family, its captivity and assassination, and the author's own troublous times before exile was ordered. An absorbing blend of fabulous living, eccentric personalities, scandals and enchantments, this is personal history of a glamour-departed time for all followers of a monde no longer quite so haut.

Pub Date: Oct. 14th, 1954
Publisher: Putnam