THE REBEL PRINCE by Prince Louis Ferdinand


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The abundance and variety of experiences and interests of a Hohenzollern, grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm, comprise a unique chapter in the story of the individual in a changing world. Unattracted by military traditions carried on by his elder brother Wilhelm, Louis resigned from the aristocratic Bonn drinking and dueling fraternity to write his doctorate thesis on the immigration problem of Argentina. Neither the German Revolution, the Weimar Republic, nor Hitler (whom he opposed actively as a creator of economic chaos in Germany) could oust him from Germany, although he traveled widely, in America as Roosevelt's friend and Ford's employee. The Prince's acquaintances, political and social, his wide travels, and his opinions on world affairs, provide fascinating reading. Married to a Romanoff, the ""rebel"", with the death of father and elder brother, proudly carries the Hohenzollern tradition in a world with which he has come to terms -- a modern man.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1952
Publisher: Regnery