SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL by Princess Marthe Bibesco


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An unusual approach to a biographical study of Winston Churchill, this is actually an analysis of the forms of courage characteristic of the great man. From his boyhood when ""The Courage to Defy his Schoolmasters""- ""His Schoolmates""- ""To Defy Ridicule""- ""To Play the Dunce"" certain salient factors in his personality emerged, factors that were dominate him throughout a unique life. In the second part she bridges those years between his erratic military career, his shift to journalism and back, to his entry into politics- and his alternate role as a Conservative and a Liberal. And finally she assesses with brilliant perception and a sense of Churchill's role as a world figure and a human being, the years when he reached the peak of his greatness, and the moment when he had The Courage to Step Down"". This is more a study of the keys to Churchill's character than it is an orthodox biography. And yet no significant event in his eventful life is omitted. here are stories and legends where they elaborate the portrait; there are the intimate bits hat reveal Princess Bibesco's unusual opportunities, as a foreigner who numbered as close friends and relatives, many connected with Britain's social and political life, to know Churchill as few other biographers could know him. At times the style seems too lush for er subject, but when she is not tempted down the bypaths of description, her narrative and alytical approach leaves little to be desired.

Pub Date: May 28th, 1959
Publisher: John Day