POLISH PROFILE by Princess Paul Sapieha
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The interest in this story of the author's experience in Poland, as the American wife of Prince Paul Sapieha, lies largely in her very vivid picture of life before the German conquest, of the friction between the classes, internal unrest among the officials, and the permeation of Nazi ideology. Disintegration would seem unavoidable -- once the attack was made. Her own experiences were complicated by her thoroughly American point of view, and her difficulty in adjusting herself to what was expected of her, in her husband's home, or in the towns where they spent part of each year. Vigorously conceived, vividly written, there is a certain contradiction in the simplicity of the style which gives an effect of underemphasis to the high lights. Well-timed and should sell.

Pub Date: May 24th, 1940
Publisher: Carrick & Evans