SMART KIDS WITH SCHOOL PROBLEMS: Things to Know and Ways to Help by Priscilla L. Vail

SMART KIDS WITH SCHOOL PROBLEMS: Things to Know and Ways to Help

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A learning specialist deals with the phenomenon of ""conundrum kids"": bright or genuinely gifted children with one or more learning problems that make for poor school-work, emotional problems, and, frequently, a mislabeling as a ""slow learner."" Vail focuses primarily on evaluation techniques to pinpoint the problem and educational programs to help make up for it. The role of the parent as ""an overseer"" of the entire remedial process and as ""an advocate"" who encourages and smooths the way for the child receives secondary (but significant) emphasis. There is, inevitably, some overlap with Greene's Learning Disabilities and Your Child (p. 1060); Vail, however, encompasses more detail in considerably fewer words. She calls for school programs to evaluate hyperactive kindergarteners for emotional and/or intellectual readiness and for testing of ""problem students"" for auditory and/or visual perception difficulties or for motor skills (which can affect athletic performance and handwriting). She details specific remedial programs such as multisensory training to improve reading and writing, special tutoring to improve rote memory, even tape-recorded answers on standardized tests for children whose handwriting is slow and sloppy but whose minds are quick and well organized. Vail not only presents the latest findings on how children learn various skills and how teachers can help compensate for differences, but she also includes a chapter on all the standard tests and how parents can interpret the results. A clearly written, well-organized, compendious guide to a complex and often baffling phenomenon.

Pub Date: Sept. 2nd, 1987
Publisher: Dutton