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There is little in the experience of (the American) people to prepare them to understand the present struggle (or) the type of enemy we face"" in trying to wage, and perhaps resolve, the Cold War. ""(Capitalism) never had to fight for its life as a social system because there was no better system to challenge it...Rarely has a political force representing an inferior social vision...been so well organized for the destruction of a superior society."" These authors believe it is high time Americans sharpened their perception of the true significance of the ""doctrine of conflict management"" so successfully being employed by Communists throughout the world. After specifying the elements upon which communist political warfare depends, and the nearly infinite variety of forms that warfare takes, they emphasize the total ideological commitment of each individual adversary and the need for long-range Western planning to develop novel paramilitary mechanisms with which to combat such persistence and singlemindedness. This is a comprehensive survey of the basics of communist operational procedure, both strategic and tactical covering indoctrination of personnel, use of both secret and normal international channels for propaganda and other subversive practices, the mechanics of ""double-think"" and ""semantic erosion"" (by means of which the Reds pervert democracy's verbal symbols like ""peace""), the nuances of technique for turning every Western blunder to their own advantage, and the remarkable degree to which Americans have ignored opportunities to exploit Sino-Soviet weaknesses. In addition to comments on Russian domestic conditions and restlessness behind the Iron Curtain, Kintner and Kornfeder dwell on the historical aspects of the confluence of economic philosophy between communists, socialists, and liberals. They offer numerous chapters outlining concerted proposals for changes in America's approach to the Cold War so that both private citizens and those who function in the government's political, economic, and diplomatic apparatus will develop better capacity for comprehending and coping with the tasks in which we should be engaging. ""For the present, military and political warfare are likely to exist side by side, with the probability that those most capable of their combined use will achieve victory."" Highly informative and thought-provoking.

Publisher: Regnery