MISTER O'BRIEN by Prudence Andrew


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Whether it's the mysterious appearances of his one-legged booster Mr. O'Brien or just the sight of his friend Penny's dank, rat-infested apartment, something motivates eleven-year-old Christopher to rebel against his guilt-ridden parents and see just how far he can get with his crippled leg. After many blisters and much cajoling of his worried Mom, 'Christopher manages to complete ten whole miles in a charity-sponsored hike. Shadowy Mr. O'Brien fades back into Chris' imagination just about the time the local police decide that he's not the child molester they've been seeking, but (this being Britain where happy endings are still the rule) there's a real rich lady on hand to provide Penny's family with a new apartment. The plot limps along well-worn inspirational paths, but Penny with her passion for Mars bars and cheerful delivery of the news that her Dad ""fell in a cement mixer"" is good company and -- after reading Chris' two poems about rats or seeing Mom's lavender tiled bathroom through his eyes -- you'll decide he's just a cut above average.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1973
Publisher: Nelson