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123 TEXAS by Puck


by Puck & illustrated by Kevin Somers

Pub Date: April 1st, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7976213-6-9
Publisher: Duo Press

The Cool Counting Books go to the Lone Star State, the numerical tour of which starts, of course, with one star. Each clean spread depicts the numeral in question and a corresponding number of objects to count: two longhorns, three basket-, foot- and baseballs, four astronauts (in an especially snazzy white-on-black spread) all the way up to cowboy hats. Thumbnails in the back identify the objects specifically, in both English and Spanish. (Non-Texans mystified by the eight cars sticking up out of the horizon line will be particularly grateful to understand that this represents Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo.) 123 Chicago (ISBN: 978-0-9796213-5-2) applies the same treatment to the Windy City, but with somewhat less success. (6-18 mos.)