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WHO SAYS MOO? by Punch Robinson


by Punch Robinson & illustrated by Punch Robinson & developed by Knee Bouncers

Pub Date: July 29th, 2011
Publisher: Knee Bouncers

Silly-looking animals make their respective sounds in a simple but satisfying and educational picture-book app.

 “Who says moo? / Do you say moo? / No, I do not say moo! / I say quack! / Quack, quack, quack!” That’s pretty much the whole text, repeated with appropriate variations by cute cartoon animals who introduce their own animal sounds in a variety of nonsensical ways. The pig adorns herself with pearls, the hen lays a clutch of brightly colored eggs, the goat sports horns that honk loudly—and the cow on the last page happily announces, “I do say moo! / Moo, moo, moo!” The main page features all 15 animals, and it's there that readers can hear their actual animal sounds. Page navigation is easy; readers advance by touching and grabbing an animal to the left or right of the screen and moving it to the center position. A terrific add-on is the easy voice-recording option, allowing a mother, father or early reader to become an optional narrator. A few small quibbles—there are no animal names on the individual pages (their names do appear on the main page), and readers can’t navigate easily from the main page to a specific animal’s page.

The endearing creatures in this lively app will keep kids entertained while they learn and practice animal sounds. (iPad storybook app. 3 mos.-6)