PAUL THE APOSTLE by Qiuseppe Ritti


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This is a full length biography of Paul presented in a scholarly form but with a most interesting style. The author, a distinguished Catholic theologian, has given us the results of a thorough research into the original sources and an examination of the more important interpretations of the life and teaching of Paul. Particularly interesting is the introductory background material expounding the bearing of the geographical, cultural and intellectural environment and religious background upon the personality of Paul. The chapters on Paul's physical appearance and his health are of unusual interest. The story of Paul's, life, from the stage of the percuter of Christians through his conversion, into his career as the great missionary and apostle to the Gentiles, follows the outline given in the book of Acts, which, with the Pauline epistles, is the only original source of information concerning Paul's life. interpretation of Paul is the traditional one, save that he emphasizes the nature of his experience more than many New Testament students would do. concerning Paul's martyrdom at Rome is drawn from Catholic tradition and is not historically verifiable. The arrangement of the book makes it eminently adaptable for as a text book for Catholic seminaries. It is not likely to appeal to the laity.

Publisher: Bruce