THE AUNT-SITTER by Quail Hawkins


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Every family has one: a warm-hearted, somewhat eccentric maiden aunt, full of generosity and affection, but with just a few ideas too many about how she would run the house if...This particular maiden aunt of Sally's bursts into the well run Hinsdale menage, laden with mysterious pill bottles, wrapped in a great teddy-bear fur coat, and within a few hours bedlam breaks loose. Nothing short of a fire climaxes her contribution to the household, and convinces Sally that if baby- sitting is anything like aunt-sitting, she wants never, never to be assigned that chore. This story of order turned up side down will probably appeal to the young reader, though there is in essence something rather callous in the portrayal of the somewhat bewildered spinster and her frustrated attempts at integration.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1958
Publisher: Holiday House