MUSICAL U.S.A. by Quaintance- Ed. Eaton


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Panorama in words and pictures (photographs, portraits, cartoons, etc.) of the historical and geographical and regional musical progress in the U.S.A. This is an expansion of a series that ran in Musical America, and would seem, in its omissions, to demand a sequel. The selection is limited by space to the highlights, the city musical centers of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, St. Louis, New Orleans, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and the Northwest. Prominence and contemporary importance of year-round musical preeminence were the touchstones, hence the omission of Bethlehem, of the folk music centers, of special festivals. Useful and informative, so far as it goes. The text, brief as it is, tells something of the development of music in various phases, of the personalities, the artists, etc.

Publisher: Allen, Towne & Health