LEAVE IT TO THE PEOPLE by Quentin Reynolds
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Perhaps this is not an important book, but it is a heartening book, and- one could say- it is newsworthy in the challenge of its expressed belief in the People as the bulwark against encroaching Communism. An example- his conviction that Norway wont buckle under; witness today's headlines! Reynolds- as always- is good with the people, rather than their leaders. He sees into their hearts. He has faith in their staunchness. This is an account of his wanderings,- through Palestine, Italy, Greece, France, Holland, Norway, Germany. He was in Palestine at the birth of Israel. He catches the spirit of a handful of people whose struggle for freedom and liberty over terrific odds is an epic. Here Reynolds is at his very best. This section is worth the price of the book! Everywhere he meets all kinds-farmers, workers, mechanics, dancers, politicians, movie directors, tavern owners, soldiers -- he sees democracy at work. The people interested him, inspired him, encouraged him to believe it was democracy, and a potent factor...He can write too about a horse-the best loved horse in the world, Souverain- and more interesting than any cabinet minister in France. Here is a perceptive and heart-warming glimpse of the people of Europe, sometimes exciting, almost always interesting.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1949
Publisher: Random House