SURFING by R. Arthur Kleln


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The market, isn't waterlogged yet. Surfing books are Still being drenched up by those who crave the sensation of riding a breaking wave-into shore while standing, kneeling or lying on some sort of surface. It's a youngish audience, and undoubtedly with this in mind, Mr. Klein has kept his book fairly foamy with enthusiasm very visual with many lengthily Captioned how-it-is-done photographs. He is himself an ardent surfer as well as an experienced writer and he brings to the discussion of equipment and techniques the ring of authority. The kneeling surfer's lumps and bumps, presently an issue in medical magazines, are not necessary, he contends, and can be avoided by frequent changes in position, all of which are described in detail. He provides a short history of the sport from Captain Cook's 1777 sighting of a Polynesian paddler and winds up with a strong pitch for new members for the United States Surfing Association. U.S.S.A. is dedicated to the preservation of surfable beaches, the improvement of the sport and the protection of the surfer's public image. There is a listing of periodicals devoted to surfing and an odd, unannotated bibliography of books on the subject, which may or may not be helpful--most of them come from specialized, rather than general trade, publishers.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1965
Publisher: Lippincott