INTUITION by R. Buckminster Fuller


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Ideas of one of this century's most original thinkers as transmitted by several beautiful, energizing, humble poems on the nature of thought, the ""significance of life,"" and the meaning of love. Basic to his philosophy is a scientifically-based optimism in which the ""syntropic"" tendency of evolution is capable of overcoming the entropic tendency of matter to the eventual solution (barring politically-derived destruction) of the earth's mechanical (ecological and subsistence) problems. The content and the process of his thought, from launching a ship to airplanes to cosmic unity, is created with simplicity and charm and newness of phraseology (""The sun is our nearest celestial fuel ship./ It is flying formation with us/ Through the Galactic system/ At an Earth-life incinerationproofing distance/ Of ninety-two million miles away"") which enable the reader to experience the awe underlying science, an awe which Fuller believes must also underlie our new religion: ""Oh god, our father--/ our furtherer/ our evolutionary integrity unfolder/ . . . who are in he-even. . . halo-ed be thy name. . . .

Pub Date: May 5th, 1972
Publisher: Doubleday