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EXPLORING WITH BYRD by R. E. Dyrd Kirkus Star



Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1937
Publisher: Putnam

A late arrival, hence its position. From the angle of sales, it should have as good a chance as any of the Byrd books, since it has a good deal of new material about his early life and training, the way he happened to get into aviation, and his early determination to make a career of aviation rather than simply serve as a naval aviator on routine work. Skyward, Little America and Discovery have covered various aspects of his adventurous career. This book combines the best of the three, with careful adaptation to a continuous volume, beginning with his Naval Academy training and the accident which put him out of active service and was responsible for the turn to aviation; then his training at Pensacola; next the Greenland experience, which fired him with the enthusiasm for Arctic flying, and then on through the various steps of his Arctic and Antarctic expeditions.