PAULINE AUS KREUZBURG: ""Pauline from Kreuzburg by R. Hoffman

PAULINE AUS KREUZBURG: ""Pauline from Kreuzburg

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The central theme of this three generation, peasant saga is best expressed by the words of Bismarck: ""I see the backbone of our strength and political future in the domestic virtues of our German mothers and wives more than in forts and bastions"". This is the story of Pauline, a typical German girl, her childhood, marriage, her own rather extensive family as well as the customs and ways of life of the peasantry in that part of the country. There is no central action, rather a long, wholesome fictionization of the Nazi tenet, the strengthening of the family unit with the stolid, hard-working, domestic Hausfrau as protagonist.

Publisher: Paul List Verlag Leipzig