SIXTY TO GO by R. L. Yorek


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Varnished but pleasant -- sometimes romantic, sometimes exciting story of France under the Axis, and the Cots where a group of mixed patriots organize their own Underground to the democracies. There are Gerard and Tarner, both a little in love with the Countess, known as the Darling; there is Bill, a Texan circus performer accidentally caught in France, who enjoys danger but doesn't thing this is America's fight; there's Esther, Polish girl from a concentration camp, in love with Bill; there's Peter Duff, British Intelligence, recruiting for De Gaulle. Lots of incident and adventure as the story traces their scuffles with the Gestapo, with Dubois playing both ends, but partial to the Darling, the abduction of six German planes, Dubois' murder; and finally Bill's death when he makes up his mind that it is his fight too. Light entertainment value.

Pub Date: March 10th, 1944
Publisher: Messner