THE JUGGLER OF OUR LADY by R. O. -- Adapted and Illustrated by Bischman


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Handle with discretion -- for this, listed in the publisher's catalogue as a ""gift book"" -- is the type of book that will respond to personal enthusiasm and promotion. The old legend of the juggler who performed for the Virgin is here re-told in captions and pictures, disarming in their innocence and amusing in their antic and graphic reflection of the story. The little juggler, Cantalbert, for all his efforts, is not recognized and he turns from the unsympathetic world to a monastery, where even the monks make him ill at ease no matter what he tries to do. When Christmas comes he has nothing to offer Mary -- except his juggling which has an unexpected reward. The drawings are reminiscent of Van Loon and Bemelmans and are most ingratiating as they follow Cantalbert's fumbling progress from unhappiness to joy. If it's your dish of tea, it will be fun to sell.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1953
Publisher: Holt