THE KITCHEN BOOK of Planning and Remodeling by R. R. Hawkins

THE KITCHEN BOOK of Planning and Remodeling

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Are you planning the perfect kitchen for a new house? Or are you dreaming of remodeling that old kitchen? Here- between covers- is the sort of information the home builder clips endlessly from magazine articles and advertising. It should be a good book for those who are building their own homes; or for the householder who wants to think through, scientifically, the problems that his architect and builder will have. A kitchen is a very personal thing, but here are the fundamentals of planning, for laborsaving, for efficiency, for sound economies. Here is discussion of the kitchen areas- storage, sink center, range center, lighting, heating, comfort, refrigeration. Here are suggestions for judging equipment -- for relating plans to needs - for decoration details. A sound study, more keyed to average pocketbooks than most.

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 1953
Publisher: Van Nostrand