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From the letters A to Z, introspective words come into being- creating a collection of inspirational writings

by R. R. Hayman

Pub Date: Sept. 2nd, 2014
ISBN: 978-0692027622
Publisher: R. R. Hayman

The 26 characters of the English language serve as springboards for life advice and reflection in this debut self-help guide.

In a brief introduction, Hayman sets forth this collection’s mission: “Each letter of the alphabet has words of wisdom to share, assembled in diverse writing styles designed to give you, the reader, a morale boost and an extra dose of motivation to take steps toward improving your quality of life.” The contemplations that follow have headings ranging from “Awareness” to “To Zenith and Beyond,” with essays, poetry and what the author terms “visual guided imagery” to offer insights into a more mindful, fulfilling existence. Sometimes a letter stands for a key word within the title; “Coming Home,” for example, stands for “H” in this alphabetically organized book, with a four-paragraph essay on remaining grounded. Some letters merit repeating, with “O,” for example, inspiring two entries: “Overcoming Obstacles,” offering the advice to “[s]earch deep within yourself to find those abilities that will serve you well in the future,” and “Obligation means Commitment,” a two-and-a-half page musing that concludes, “To be kind to others is not a choice, it’s a must.” Although Hayman refers to “clients” in this collection, her background as a licensed clinical social worker isn’t fully revealed in the text. It’s unfortunate that Hayman doesn’t bring more of her professional experience into her book; as a result, the content comes off as rather generic at times. More specifics on how her ideas have helped actual clients would have lent this collection more punch. Nevertheless, Hayman has created a charming “concept album” of a book that offers gentle, encouraging prompts for a proactive approach to self-improvement.

Expressive exercises that provide an array of motivational pointers.