MY ENEMY, MY LOVE by R. T. Stevens


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A thin, mainly soporific, WW I romance set in Vienna: James, a Scot, loves Sophie, daughter of the aristocratic Von Korvacs family, a clan which also includes sister Anne and brother Carl, both of whom will struggle to keep or find their loves during the war. Sophie and Anne are carefree sorts (""Sophie loved life. Anne found it breathless"") until James, who has endeared himself to the family while wooing Sophie, unwittingly stumbles across the assassination plot against the Archduke. He is about to report his findings when he is pursued by the terrorist while walking in the country with the girls. A chase ensues--James and the girls hang on cliffs, plunge into water up to their necks, are captured by a local brigand--but by the time they escape, the Plot is underway. The war sends James reluctantly back to his country to fight. Carl weathers a losing battle in the Alps but falls in love with an Italian girl who saves his life, and Anne's husband is taken prisoner (he will return). Both Sophie and James, enemies, try to forget. They can't, the war ends, and there's a tearful reunion. A smidgin of action, but generally pallid.

Pub Date: Feb. 9th, 1978
Publisher: Doubleday