THE MOONBEAMS by R. Vernon Beste
Kirkus Star


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Maltby, a British operative in the resistance, invalided back to England because of an ulcer ""Harrlet""-For hospitalization during which he falls in love with Judy, is summoned back to action- as the only man who might possibly detect the Gestapo agent in the small unit to which he had been attached. Unreliable certainly- to stand up physically to the kind of punishment the mission entails, reluctant to leave Judy- whom he marries, Maltby goes back to face situations which disgust him morally, sorties which are ""buggered up"" from the start, and only inconclusive evidence of betrayal in those he successively suspects. While Harriet gnaws, and Malthy anaris- he goes ahead with the plan to blow up a nearby factory, is taken- and battered by the Gestapo, and in dreadful shape and agonizing pain completes his assignment but is the last to suspect the informer in their midst.... Stern stuff, this has an abrasive realism (although there may be some to cavil with the details) and is edgily exciting all the way. The suspense market surely, and a strong masculine appeal.

Publisher: Harper