DRAG DOLL by R. W. Campbell


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With his sleek Super 88 Olds, Jet Johnson was quite the hotshot, but when he ventured out of this chrome domain, he was suddenly the lonely and troubled teenager. Longing for the respect of the ""brainy guys"", he succeeds only in winning the attention of a dubious group of idlers. Several police warnings, an accident and the suspension of his driver's license are lucky breaks in disguises, for they bring speedy Jet to a sharp halt and prepare him for a crucial turning point. Mitch, a female mechanic and human encyclopedia of automobile anatomy, teaches Jet the right approach to racing and helps him build his own car. As Jet learns the intricacies of engines and motors, he gains a healthy respect for their power and realizes the importance of racing rules and designated areas. Jet is now able to enter legal competitions and still use his energy. The story has an important lesson to teach, though it never quite attains the hopped up drive of similar ones in this field.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1962
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls