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An octogenarian zillionaire industrialist--a chum of the Soviets since the Revolution--uses his glamorous granddaughter to pump military secrets from a slightly geeky young weapons wizard. The young weapons wizard is Mr. David Pointer of California, the brains behind the latest developments in the Strategic Defense Initiatives biz, and he can't believe his good luck. August Merriman, the zillionaire industrialist who bankrolled David's education, has invited him to his industrial baronial Hudson Valley estate for rich people's food and stuffy talk--but right in the middle of the stuffy talk and rich food, Merriman's blonde, suntanned, and sexually superskilled granddaughter starts playing footsie! It takes the lovely Angelica about a nanosecond to have David's sensory circuits blowing like so many firecrackers. Does he want to come back for more? The only price is that he's got to talk to the old man, who wants to hear and to secretly tape everything that's in the boy's brain during some short painless sessions before each meeting with Angelica. But before all the beans are spilled, a dowdy and suspicious Agency employee tips off her ex-boss--who used to be in love with Merriman's wife, who in turn is not Angelica's grandmother, but then neither is Merriman the grandfather since the girl is a fake sent by the Soviets, who put her through sex school at the same time David was going to intergalactic weapons school. While the elderly Agency types are sorting it all out, Angelica and David fall really and truly in love. Not much to love here, however. The imitation Hammers, Smileys, and Mitfords serve only to remind one how interesting the real ones are.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1988
Publisher: Donald Fine