THE BIRTH OF THE TORAH by Rabbi Edward Zerria


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Although this book deals primarily with the first five books of the Bible- the Pentateuch the Torah (as you choose), Rabbi Zerrin takes the reader on a scientific, archaeological trip down to the present day of discovery in developing his scholarly thesis. One becomes not only better acquainted with the Torah, but also with the majestic influence all of the prophets played in helping the Jews to hold on to the covenant, through wars, exile, slavery, famine, destruction -- and sometimes more difficult still, through good times when the Jews ran after false gods. At times the book demands extra effort and contribution on the part of the reader to keep the various schools clearly in mind, as they interpreted and reinterpreted the development and construction of the Old Testament. Fundamentalists would be deeply disturbed by the Rabbi's explanations of the various authors who had a hand in the making of the Jewish Bible, in ways contrary to common belief. But for those who have studied the Scroll books and recent other archaeological reports of finds and are not afraid of a new approach to the Old Testament, this is a rewarding book.

Pub Date: Dec. 10th, 1962
Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts