WHAT IS A JEW? by Rabbi Morris Kertzer


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In response to the interest of Look and Reader's Digest readers of his article on Jews and their world outlook, Rabbi Kertzer has expanded this article into a book intended to give the Gentile grounds for respect for and Jews grounds for pride in the faith. Beginning with the question, ""What is a Jew?"", he goes on to answer more than a hundred such questions often asked him. He outlines the basic religious beliefs of the Jew, his conduct in relation to his community, the place of marriage and family, the following of religious law and ritual, customs and traditions, the meanings of feasts and fasts. There is a section on modern Israel, its make-up and meaning, and on the relations of Jews and Christians. The tone is consistently optimistic, conducive of confidence, presenting the heart of the religion, with positive explanations of the ways of worship. A fine book for anyone who wants to know more about Judaism, with a bibliography for further reading, one which will lead the more intellectual as well as the involved to study further, and will satisfy those wanting a brief, clear exposition of the faith.

Pub Date: March 30th, 1953
ISBN: 068484298X
Publisher: World