ROGUE'S LEGACY by Rabette Deutsch
Kirkus Star


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Francois Villon, romantic roisterer, rifler, rogue, is the central figure of this story which goes from charnel to tavern, palace to prison, in the company of prostitutes and priests. Care, vigor, affection, all have gone into this recreation of the man and the century, the man, whose ""itch for fame, thirst for love, and ache of cheated pride"" were to drive him lower and lower; the century, one of license and extravagance and bravado. A gay, wild, tragic life, done full justice in fictionized form by a fellow poet. Should be received with a good press, which will help direct the sales. Good reading, if the hurdle of its ""literary background"" can be taken. I've always had a yen for Villon from the days of If I Were King, so I liked it.

Publisher: Coward, McCann