THE NEWEL POST by Rachel Ann Fish


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A family story which spans from the twenties to the forties covers the one woman fight of Cathy against the oppressive influence of Rose Trenton, whose owners, the Prescotts, take their responsibilities seriously. Guided by Madame Lucy, ruled and owned by her, the boys, Paul and Martin make their individual breaks with authority -- and learn to rue, broodfully for Paul, violently, for Martin. For Paul jilted his childhood sweetheart, Netta, for love of Cathy, only to let Cathy try to stand alone against the august impressiveness of Madame Lucy and Rose Trenton. While Cathy, in her insistent immaturity, championed Martin in his rebellion to pursue his music, and cold-shouldered Netta, who to revenge her passionate disappointment, became more than bed-wise and an enemy of Rose Trenton. Martin's marriage to Netta precipitated the near-crash of Cathy's marriage, Netta's affair with Paul -- and his subsequent killing of Netta and own suicide. Madame Lucy keeps Martin's secret, and with her death and Paul's departure for the War, Cathy is really brought to her senses by her son and his demand for his mother's becoming a true Prescott. Patterned on the incident upon incident of soap opera techniques, this nevertheless manages something of integrity in various characters and sincerity in household events. ""Serious"" rentals certainly.

Pub Date: July 10th, 1950
Publisher: Coward-McCann