CHAIM WEIZMANN by Rachel Baker
Kirkus Star


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A tense, hard-hitting biography of the president of Israel and the story of the founding and growth of the state. This is a story set in tragedy, super-human courage and hard work, and the author has not attempted to apply any whitewash along the way. Pogroms, treachery, broken promises and war marked the world of Chaim Weizmann, from precocious childhood, through youth, and a struggle for education, original work in dye process chemistry, first entrance into Zionist politics, the Congresses and Weizmann's ""fusionist"" policy, endless discussions and talks resulting in early peace and promises from Arabs and Britain, the Balfour Declaration and the infamous ""white papers"", the horrors of fascism for the Jewish people, the cruel treatment by the British when their need was greatest, the fighting with the Arabs, and final freedom and statehood for Israel. Through all the struggle for a Jewish homeland Weizmann is seen as the guiding spirit after Herzl. There is much controversial material here but this is an intelligent, thorough presentation.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1950
Publisher: Messner