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THE SENSE OF WONDER by Rachel Carson


by Rachel Carson

Pub Date: Oct. 6th, 1965
ISBN: 006757520X
Publisher: Harper & Row

A fraction of Rachel Carson's legacy comes to parents in this article-length text assuring them of the life-long benefits to be gathered for the child awakened early to the beauties of nature. Miss Carson, who has herself shared nature by night and day with her nephew Roger in Maine, encourages the less knowledgeable with the assurance that receptivity is the key to sharing; suggests moments—the spring chorus of birds, their fall migration—and means—using a lens on the small and inconspicuous that catch the child's eye, watching a seed in a pot upon the kitchen window sill.... Her calm contemplations are seconded by 100 photographs, 32 in full color, and not seen here, but sure encouragement to wonder and rejoice in earth, Sea and sky.